Sunday, February 24, 2013

Various Muds

Mortar Mud and Plaster Mud.. Yay!

 I feel comfortable saying that "Everything is downhill from here!"
At least concerning the master suite upstairs renovation..
The difficult stuff is mostly over and all that remains is really finish work 
**I like tile installation, so I don't consider it difficult.

Things are starting to come together quickly.. 
See for yourself..

The chimney is repointed and the rock is going up! Yay!
The brick will be exposed like that in the finished room.. I think it is so cool!

-Room Orientation-
That bathroom.. going to be a closet as soon as the new master bath is up and running! *hehe*

-Room Orientation-
This doorway will lead into the new master bath! *hehe* (higher pitched than before)

I needed a project for the drying time between drywall finishing..
...So... I'm tearing the windows out! 

Just kidding.. I'm not really tearing them out..
They are in not so good shape so they are getting restored.
I think someones dog chewed on this one.. or SQUIRRELS! DAMN THEM!

Oh and a big sarcastic "Atta-boy" to the idiot that installed the storm windows.
Way to care bro, every insanely long screw you put in busted the casings... You are a pro.

I finally got the upper sash loose. Paint is a good adhesive, especially 100 years of it.

*Note* When painting.. the multiple thin coat method is preferred to just throwing the paint can at the object being painted.

So after disassembly.. the windows are not in too terrible of shape, but replacement glazing and liquid wood will be needed.

My new best friend!
I highly recommend a heat gun when stripping multiple layers. 
This Wagner version was only 20 bucks at Home Depot. 

The widow project is, so far, good fun because it isn't such a huge project as to drown ones hope of ever finishing.. I'll post some more specifics about the windows when I get them finished. Remember though, working with lead paint and fumes from heating isn't that healthy for you.. so use proper safety equipment and dispose of waste properly.

More to come later!

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