Sunday, February 10, 2013

Patches and Rabbit Holes

Hey Everybody!
I guess I owe you guys a post! I need to get back into the habit..
I am of the opinion not to post until I get something completely finished, which is harder than it sounds.
Since projects in old houses tend to balloon into 5+ other projects.. everything seems to rely on the next! IT NEVER ENDS!!

For Example:

Project 1:   Operation Finish the Master Bedroom
Task 1.1: Patch the wood floors
SubTask 1.1.1: Clean up the wood flooring saved from earlier renovations (Remember My Rant!)
**Create a whole new Project (See Project 2)
SubSubTask Figure out effective and fast way to clean up the wood
SubSubTask Purchase tools needed
SubSubTask Build jigs needed
SubSubTask Purchase replacement parts for new tools because wood is covered in concrete
SubTask 1.1.2: Install wood flooring in bedroom
SubSubTask Level floors because wood isn't installing well
SubTask 1.1.3: Install wood flooring in hallway
SubSubTask Tear out old wood flooring in hallway
SubSubTask Install subfloor in hallway
Task 1.2: Repoint Chimney
SubTask 1.2.1: Scrape mortar from chimney
SubTask 1.2.2: Patch big hole in chimney
SubTask 1.2.3: Water chimney like a plant
Task 1.3: Install drywall
Task 1.4: Refinish wood flooring 
Sub Task 1.4.1: Old nails and stuff
Task 1.5: Install trim
Task 1.6: Prime and paint

Project 2: Operation Take Back Garage!
Task 2.1: Make some room in the garage to actually work!
SubTask 2.1.1: Make some shelves to organize the Garage
SubTask 2.1.2: Build Garage organization accessories
SubTask 2.1.3: Organize the Garage
SubTask 2.1.4: Postpone Operation Take Back the Garage realizing the house is more important.

You get the idea... Nothing is ever easy.

Anyway! Things are all downhill from here! Well.. at least for the master suite (not including walk-in closet which is still our bathroom). Here are some pics of flooring debacle..

This crap ruined some planar blades! I still harbor hate agains whoever decided to slather cement all over the floor. 

Some of it cleaned up really well.. Some didn't. I kept the good pieces once down, sanded, and finished it will look really nice. Each piece was 2 passes in a planar and 2 passes on a router on each edge.. That is at least 6 passes per piece! Do the math on 3" wide boards for about 200sqft.. yeah it took a while. 

Remember the corner from hell? Even after I rebuilt it, there was still some sag in the floor.. I put in a couple of dead runners and everything leveled up nicely!

This stuff was brittle and warped from its previous install.. understandable considering it was installed, oh lets guess-timate... LIKE 100 YEARS AGO!! It didn't go down without some effort, but better than I had expected. 

I've been putting off the hallway subfloor for a long time. No problems though.

See! Pretty in a shabby chic sort of way. 

Some of you may be wondering why I didn't blend it in and try and stitch it together with the floor already in place.. Well, I've long since lost most my perfectionist tendencies since this house came into my life. Also, if you think there is any chance in hell of making this stuff line back up.. you're terribly mistaken. The old floorboards aren't like the ones milled today. They didn't have the manufacturing tolerances that our milling machines have, and they didn't have to worry about them interleaving because one individual board spans the entire house!

Annie, getting her masonry fix! 

You literally have to water the old brick like a plant. You can squirt water on this stuff and it won't even run.. the old mortar and bricks are like sponges! I've got to we them for a while so the repoint mortar can cure and not get the moisture sucked out of it by a thirsty chimney!

Thats it for now. I'll try and have some more pics up soon!


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