Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blame Game

OK! All moved in! Time to get to work.... Enter a little thing I've cleverly coined in a convenient acronym, IIWTFCTDS. The true meaning is easy to decipher with a little imagination.
Renovation progress has not gotten off the ground yet, with the exception of a few "facelift mini projects."

I blame many things for the lack of progress..
1) Crazy Cold Winter
2) House Shock
3) Homework
4) Bloated Expectations
5) Planning Procrastination
6) The Economy (why not, everyone else is blaming it!)

It is really hard to get motivated with snow on the ground every other day, and frigid air creeping in from every little crack. We have managed to start a few things on the days that are above freezing.

An enormous vine creature was slain in our backyard. Who in the world would plant such a thing!!!  Notice the chimney cap in the lower right hand corner... Thank you Mr. Tornado, for ravaging my house and neighborhood.

I've also added a new entry to my hit list. Squirrels. I've never had so much hatred and blinding rage for an animal, or anything for that matter, in my entire life! I absolutely hate squirrels! When they were in the attic, the thought of them running around chewing/pissing/breeding in my house kept me from getting a good nights sleep!! Squirrels are very stubborn tenants, the effort I put into evicting them was outrageous. No matter what I did, those little hell spawned satan babies would figure a way around/in/over/through it. I almost called the news when I saw the acrobatic skills used to gain access to one of their entry points. Long story short, I found their nest and went into berserker mode until I had won the battle. To this day, their small beady eyes pierce my soul as I make my way to the garage on chilly mornings. I'm more cautious now, as I suspect a treetop counterstrike at any given moment. 

Chipmunks aren't so bad though. I love those little guys. I named this one Maximus Prime Jr.


  1. Hey Sledge I have to say I laughed my heart out when I logged on to see what's going on in tornado alley. Maybe you should trade contender names for awhile because it definitely seems you had to use the axe in that monstrosity of a vine. Cool -- I needed to see you. I miss you and A!

    Jumping cahoots I laughed my head off at the pic of you and that traveling vine!!!

    Needless to say, you made my day!!!!!!

    Keep up the good work == can't wait to come visit...... LOVE Y'ALL!!

  2. OMG!! Sledge ...... I feel off my chair laughing when I read your rendition of "the terror of the squirrel fight from hell".

    You know the kind --- you can't stop ----
    one of those earth shattering,
    brain paining,
    lose your breath,
    red-faced, laughing fits.

    Got to get on to bed. Hope to see you in the Smoky Mountains on eve of March 4th!!!!