Monday, December 30, 2013

MB Eye Candy: Episode 1 - The Reddish Golden Pine

We have a blog!!?? Oh yeah I forgot..... Lots has happened since last post... We finished the WHOLE HOUSE!! 

...just kidding.. Only the Master Bedroom is 100% complete. I can't believe that I can actually call something 100% complete. As promised, I must post lots of things about any project that reaches that elusive milestone. I can't roll it all up into one post, so I'll let it out all nice and slow. In the first part of this saga, we'll start with the beautiful restored heart pine floors. Although, I believe we've leaked some photos of the finished floors earlier.... here is the real story. Let the pictures roll!!

This was room at move in... when I was totally suffering from a mental illness that gave me delusions of how easy catching up on 100 years of maintenance would be... *pause to wipe away tears* Top floor covering was a glued down laminate floor.

I thought the original floor was intact under all those layers, but little did I know that I was missing about half of it. Yeah, this spot was all rotted over in the corner also.. remember the corner that I had to rebuild from the ground up. I really don't know how this corner of the house was hanging on.

Set in a subfloor so I could piece the original floor back in from the stuff I salvaged over in the new bathroom (85% complete and on hold since Oct 2013) 

I worked some miracles with it...

Just barely had enough of the salvaged heart pine to fill in the patch.

Try forcing 100 year old flooring into a new spot.. it is very slow going.

Installed it all and did lots of sanding and filling... Heart pine really gums up your sanding paper FYI. It is full of awesome resins... I had to cross sand with 60 grit a couple of times. I then hit with 80 and 100 and 120ish after filling. It was lots of sanding. 

I dug around a little bit to actually figure out how I should refinish this stuff. Props to the Goodwin company for uploading some good literature on their website that pointed me in the right directions. I left the woods natural color, which will redden over time and used the Bona flooring products with some great results. This is the rundown on the finish... Screen between coatings and plow on the finishes. The school of thought is that the oil base sealer brings the rich tones of the wood out and the higher gloss poly adheres better to itself, while the satin topcoat knocks the sheen off.

Flood Fill: Bona White Oak w/ Heartpine Dust mixed in.
Finish Sand - 100 and 120
1st Coat: Bona Oil Base DriFast Primer
2nd Coat: Bona Mega Water Base Gloss
2nd Coat: Bona Mega Water Base Gloss
4th Coat: Bona Mega Water Base Satin

It looks nice!

I was paranoid to walk on it because it was so much work... Look at that chimney!

We were happy about it.

Stay tuned for Episode 2 - The Windows that wouldn't $%&* open  *working title*

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