Sunday, June 13, 2010

Heat Stroke

It is just too hot to want to do anything! Most of the time when I need motivation, I look to my MONSTER for guidance...

...sometimes even the great MONSTER can fail when facing such an impossible task in the sticky heat. OK OK.. I know it is not all THAT hot! I've worked out in much worse. It is supposed to be a muggy hot mess today, with a heat index of 100 degrees and 60% humidity or something. It wouldn't be so bad if I could wear hot weather clothes... like some shorts, flip flops, and optional shirt... but you see... I'm going down into....


Ok.. no more joking around. The belly of our house doesn't look anything like that. However, crawling down into 100 years of crap and who knows what does require the full outfit of protective clothing. Being in a tight space, hot, filthy, and with a face mask on does not sound fun to me right now. Which is why I'm blogging. I'm trying to build motivation. I was under there last weekend and cleaned out the majority of the junk... old dry rotted "vapor barrier", squirrel nest remnants, bed frames, old mops, tattered insulation, animal corpses, jars, bottles, beer cans, babies... j/k not babies... but just about everything else. 

I've got to get this house on a steady and level foundation before I can tackle any major inside projects. Here is my list of Dungeon To Do's 
1) Clean out crap
2) Assess the situation (Screwed up shit other people have done to foundation)
3) Dig foundation footings
4) Jack up, brace, and level house
5) Build permanent foundation piers
6) Fix the insulation, plumbing, and wiring mess
7) Repoint the old brick foundation
8) Make it all pretty and nice

It is going to be a while, to say the least. Here are some Dungeon photos from the other weekend while I was in the midst of Step 1. 

Behold the awesome foundations.. cedar posts are sitting on flat river rock and the red posts are sitting on cap blocks... no footings for either.. just sitting on top of ground. 

I found the resting place of the Father of Maximus Primus Jr!!! Sad day..

I couldn't figure this one out... why here??

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