Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Contender!!!

This house is becoming quite the challenge. It is not the actual effort, but more of a challenge in time management and self control. An exercise in time management in the sense that everything always takes twice as long as initially thought. Also, it is an exercise in self control because we want to do the quick things that will make the house look better right away. For example, we have painted two rooms, the dining and fireplace room (I know I need to post more..but time management! ha) The paint looks great and everything, but the walls will get torn to pieces later! ha! Oh well.. 

Anyway! We have a surprise! Since this house is starting to make us second guess and run around in circles, we decided to bring in an outside contractor to deal with some of the heavy lifting....
So! Without further ado! 
Meet the newest addition to the roster!! 
Newest Contender... Buzzsaw!!!!!

(Dexter aka.. BUZZSAW!!)

Buzzsaw hails from the Land of the Misfits and brings some mad skills to combat the 803 Pratt monster.

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  1. He is so so so cute!!! The house looks amazing! I hope we can get together while your in Chico...miss you!