Sunday, July 15, 2012

Corner From Hell

Hey peeps! Long time no post! So... it has been a while since I've posted anything. 
I have really good excuses reasons for lagging on the posts!

1) Switched Jobs
2) Got Hitched
3) Computer Broke

Told you!

The computer breaking was a bummer, because there were some really good pictures that I was saving for future posts. They all were lost.... didn't have a really recent backup. Lesson learned. 

Work Update: 
We are still smashing away on the upstairs. It is a beast of a project and the heat isn't really speeding things up. The attic is also getting revamped in parrallel, so that adds to the workload. I've cleaned up all the old ceiling boards and am ready to get some replicas from the lumber yard to replace the damaged ones. Next on the agenda is to insulate above the rooms under construction, put the attic floor down, and get the A/C unit up and running ASAP. Then, finishing up the walls and floors comes after. Once that is finished; windows, chimney rework, bathroom tile, fixtures, and finishing touches are soon to follow. After all that, the master bedroom, master bath, and upstairs hallway will be finished! yay... but that is still a ton of work. 

This post is a focus on "THE CORNER FROM HELL." I talked a little about this corner in my last post. I had hoped that it wouldn't turn into a nightmare. I had hoped that if I just ignored it, that it would go away. None of that happened.... Lots of work had to be done to correct the work of the people who had tried to cover up the problem.
I won't go any further with my negative attitude...

Moving on... I've slapped together a few pics (the ones that weren't lost when my computer died on me) of the corner from hell. Enjoy.  

Corner From Hell: 1st Sighting during Dungeon Work
FIXED: Dungeon Section of Corner From Hell

FIXED: First Floor Wall Section of Corner From Hell
This wall tore itself out, seriously... one tug and the whole thing just fell out in crusty rotten pieces. 

Corner From Hell: Rotted Second Floor Beams

FIXED: Second Floor... Floor of Corner From Hell

Corner From Hell: Rotted Second Floor Wall Section

FIXED: Second Floor Wall and Roof Section of Corner From Hell
NOT FIXED: Idiotic jumble of wiring, obviously done by an electrician taking hallucinogens.

FUTURE FIX: Chimney Repointing

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  1. yay! Shes back! Thanks for the updates. Can't wait to see your MASTER BED/BATH Finished!!!!