Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!!

Hi Everyone! I hope that 2012 is wrapping up (pun intended!) well for you! Christmas time is one of those phenomenons that brings out the good, the bad, and the ugly in people. Hope for you that it is more good than bad or ugly.  Rick and I finally finished up Christmas shopping today, Christmas Eve Eve, aka, Festivus.  We are about to sit down to our Festivus meal and laugh about all the ways we were disappointed this year a la Kramer and Frank Costanza.

Rick is on the home stretch of the upstairs renovation. This is so exciting for us and I could not be more pleased or impressed with my husband's (still sounds weird to say husband) handy man freak of nature abilities.  Here are a few pictures of what he's been up to lately.

Beautiful Bead board ceiling
Walls !
 We almost did not put up Christmas decorations this year because almost all of our rooms are in some sort of renovation phase.  However, Rick talked me in to it, so here is Christmas 2012 at our house.

We spent Thanksgiving in Phil Campbell, AL with Rick's family.  Dexter is a huge fan of their yard in the Fall. He loves to run really fast through the leaves


Best of luck to you in the new year!! We wish you and your family a great 2013!
Love, Annie, Rick and Dexter

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