Thursday, July 7, 2011

Title Bout

I know most of what I've been blogging about lately is boring old foundation stuff.. but there is hope!

I've had the opportunity to go all out lately under the house. I'm so close to being "finished" with the tough foundation work. Some of you may be asking.. "Why is he putting so much work into the foundation?" or "You can't see it, who cares.".. Well you should know that if I didn't care about the house and was just trying to flip it or do some surface renovation, then I wouldn't be putting near as much work into it. Because of all the nice tile and wood work that I plan to do in this house, I have to complete the foundation so that I am not putting cracks in my finished work after the fact.  Another reason for all the work is that this foundation is 100 years old and has never seen any repair. It was in awful condition.. until I came along and saved the day!! Seriously, to prove my point.. think of a brick and mortar wall... You would think, as you are imagining this brick and mortar wall, that it is solid and strong and very capable of holding up a house.. well.. If I can tear them apart with my hands then they have failed. I posted a video showing just how weak and fragile the foundation walls have become. Remember this is a portion of the wall that the back two stories is/was resting on... Enjoy.

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