Friday, September 2, 2011

Mini Project: Old Vigorelli Sewing Table

       We picked this old sewing table up a while back at a local thrift store in an inexpensive attempt to furnish our empty house.  I think it originated some time back in the 60's or 70's judging from the lima bean inspired color of the sewing machine.  Vigorelli was (perhaps still is?) an Italian sewing machine manufacturer that made machines for heavy duty materials.  Unfortunately the sewing machine on our table made a better door stop than a sewing machine. So off went the machine and now we have a charming little entry way table! Check out our handy work on this cutie! 

Annie staining away

Homemade stencil! Way cool!
Martha Stewart metallic paint in Vintage Gold

Minwax penetrating stain in Ebony

Looks a little too fresh and new... we can fix that!!

A little distressing with some fine grit sandpaper and voila!

Now we just need to do something about that wall color!


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  1. can i just say...awesome! I feel that is all that needs to be said :)

    from Jennie cuz google is dumb and it won't let me comment on blogs...annoying!