Thursday, January 7, 2016

Downstairs Bathroom

Hello 2016! You may think that we fell off of the face of the Earth, however, we have just been big time blog slackers the last couple of years. Even though we haven't posted there has been lots of progress on our house in 2014 and 2015 and we are looking forward to a productive 2016! It is our goal to make at least one blog post per month this year, so let's jump right in to a project that we finished in 2014...

Our house has one bathroom downstairs that was down right horrendous when we moved in...

This lovely bathroom had it all: seashell sink, painted cast iron tub w/ only two feet, velvety curtains, faux finished sconces, gold AND silver colored hardware, and wallpaper boarder just like at Nana's... (yikes!). Rick refinished the antique cast iron bathtub a couple of years ago, and is the only thing that we kept in the bathroom... Everything else had to go ....

The bathroom was demo'd all the way down to the studs. We put up new drywall, bead board on the ceiling and lower half of the walls, custom hexagonal tile floor designed by Rick, new medicine cabinet mirror, new toilet and sink, and a train shelf for a bit of storage. Here's the finished bathroom!! 

Four claw feet is better than two

Tiny but functional

Refinished claw feet

Updated bath hardware

Pedestal sink w/ medicine cabinet mirror


Train shelf (Pottery Barn)

Towels also from Pottery Barn :)
The bathroom guardian

Simple hexagonal tile floor feat. dirty old uggs

Thanks for viewing!!

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