Saturday, January 11, 2014

MB Eye Candy: Episode 3 - 99% MB Reveal

I could continue to drag things out by focusing on each little piece of the reconstruction process, or I could continue to go on small tirades about how old rehab projects creep along like cold molasses. However, I will not do that! I have a finished room and you gotta see it! 

I started the whole upstairs project back in December 2012.. I documented the beginnings! Christmas Break 2011. It is now January 2014 and I'm still not finished with the upstairs.... Granted, everything I'm doing is a total gut job, down to the studs! That's a lot of trades to master guys! I am kind of bummed about how long everything takes, but you gotta fill up your time somehow right! The results make it all worth it anyway. 

I have second thoughts about this project all the time, believe me I'm not super human no matter what you may think : )  I also continually apologize to my wife.. whether mentally or aloud.. for maybe smooth talking her into this old house hell.. ha! I think I misled myself also, as to just how much actually gets accomplished when you have to work full time and a major renovation turns into a kind of cruel hobby. So, this is my public apology to my wife. 

"Sorry babes! Please accept this peace offering, a comfortable place of solace where you can go to kind of escape the constant banging/swearing and onslaught power tools! It is draft free, well insulated, and very cozy... it just needs some furniture!"

I lost a lot of my before/ during pictures when my computer decided to die.. So here is a pic of in the master from when we moved in.

 Another master picture. 

A during rehab picture.

 TaDa!! Gotta paint the doors but is pretty wrapped up! Yay!


So, mostly to make myself feel better,  here are the progress bullet points from 2 years of banging around upstairs.
  • Master Bedroom - 99.9% Complete
  • Master Bathroom - 80% Complete
  • Master Walk-in Closet - 0% Complete 
  • Attic - 90% Complete
  • Upstairs Hallway - 70% Complete
  • Guest Bedroom - 0% Complete
  • Guest Bathroom - 50% Complete
  • Guest Walk-in - 70% Complete
I've still got lots of work to do... :*(

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