Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quickie - Dungeon Update

I'll confess.. I missed my goal of having the foundation complete by the end of March. However, I didn't miss it by much! The last beam is in (apologies to my lower back) and I'm currently leveling the remainder of the house. Yay.. still a lot of work to do, but the majority of the back breaking labor is finished! Now I can focus on the new master suite!! Ooooohhh Ahhhhhh! You cannot understand how much we are looking forward to cleaning up in a shower with properly functioning hardware!

For those of you who didn't know....
Our house was held up by logs (see below) 

Not only was our house held up by logs, but sometime after the logs were installed... or maybe around the same time.. who knows.. someone decided to try and fix the sagging floors. While it was a sad attempt, it was better than nothing. They put in a couple of steel poles to try and firm up the floors, and they even poured somewhat of a footer for the steel poles! I know!! What an amazing effort!

I was taken back when I discovered that an actual footer was poured for the poles,  rather than just resting them on the dirt or a field rock, as was the case for the logs. For a split second, I thought that maybe I could use these old footers... then I laughed at that thought because that would mean that some repair work in this house was actually done correctly. Long story short.... If I can dig up your footer and throw it into my footer as fill rock... then you fail completely on foundation support.

The sad 6" deep old footer that I had to bury in a sea of cement.

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  1. I love watching your progress with this beautiful house. I look all the time for new updates. I can't wait for the master suite...IM SO EXCITED!!!!