Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crack House!

After a lot of thought on how to turn our home into an income producing property in order to qualify for federal historic restoration grants... we've decided to temporarily transform this place into a crack house! Great idea right!! I know!!! I'm so excited!!!

Ok, let me explain... It all started a long time ago...

Cedar logs and field stones were essentially all that was holding the house up! The foundation was in need of some major attention... when you try and sit at the desk and your chair rolls towards the wall... this is a problem.

Fine... our house is not a crack house, but you'll understand what I'm talking about in just a second. I'm still in the dungeon working on the foundation. I've also managed to stay on schedule for finishing it up around the end of March, however, Spring is moving in and I've been getting side tracked by yard stuff (Pecan tree trimmed up, making a second attempt at a green lawn, planting a small garden!). I need to clone myself.

 This is how it started out... Trees and flimsy poles holding up two story house! You can't see it but there isn't any direct support under either of the two load bearing walls that are in this area...seriously...that is it...trees on rocks, no footings... seriously.

 This is how I am addressing the problem... 
3' footings, 12x8x16 piers reinforced and filled, new 6x10 engineered cross beams! 
Say What!

 I also had to get Mr. 20 ton to help my collection of screw jacks out...
Also, one of those steel support poles has been decommissioned (bent to hell) by the house.

Now for the Crack Montage!!!

 My favorite crack by far!! Its just awesome!

 Some more old school mystery wallpaper behind this one.. will investigate that later. 
Gotta finish jacking or the house will keep cracking!!

 Even the jungle room couldn't escape.


Some of these cracks may not have been as major if I would've slowed the jacking process down... but I don't have that kind of time!! ha!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Fun Fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Our house was built close to the same time that the Titanic met its end.

 Also... we have ghosts...

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