Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mother Nature is a B*&@%

We're back!! There's a couple of projects going on right now but I'm going to focus on just this one. The Backyard! The amount of time and work that has gone into this gardeners nightmare is ridiculous. When we first moved in, I thought... "Tear that out, move that, level that out... backyard wont' be so bad." I'm an idiot. It has been a couple of months since the first move and we're just now getting the backyard back to a clean slate. I've got big plans for the space that include, a firepit, built in grill/ bar, patio pavers, hammock, and all kinds of goodies for having a blast outside. I'll post a blueprint later on.. but first here is a collage of our journey through this hellish backyard..

In the beginning there was... a doll house?

If this was your idea.. and you are reading... I HATE YOU!

Yeah... thats the vine I dominated in the last entry. It was pulling the fence down by the way.

... see I told you.. dominated!

So.. back to this brilliant structure..

It was a combined effort

..hey look... carpet and trash bags?

The rubble pile just kept getting bigger!

...less backyard  ...more mud hole

I have a magic wand.. its called lower back ache

Ah! ...more backyard ...less mud hole

Sod is for lazy/ impatient people.. Seeding grass is easy!

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