Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everybody Loves Destruction!

The upstairs demo is moving right along. I've gotten over the self leveler on the floor problem and moved on to other things. As the demo progresses, I just keep finding more and more goofy "fixes" or unskilled DIY projects from the previous tenants. Hopefully it is truly unskilled DIY and not actual contractors that did this... If you hire a contractor, make sure to get references and actually have some concept of what work they will be doing, what steps they need to take, and how the finished product is supposed to look. Anyway, I snapped some pics of the overall demo so far and some things that I've run into.

Demo Pics

Linoleum... blehhh

So the trim in this room turned out to be ripped down plywood... real nice. 

These guys really liked their nails/screws/fasteners. It is like this everywhere in this house... Everything is riddled with tons of nails and screws!! 2 would've done the job here! 

More trim work made with whatever was lying around.. and notice the trim nails! Just shoot it until it stays I guess... 

I found some baseball cards and a picture while I was tearing through things. I am still waiting on the stash of cash to come spilling out of a wall though. 

How many things can you find wrong with this wiring setup?

This was part of a drywall/plywood/osb/drywall sandwich wall... Imagine my surprise. 

Door framing or random pieces of wood.. and this is after I had already pulled off three pieces! Seriously who does this. 

Original flooring in the room that we were using as our master!! Yeah original hardwood! It was in such good condition.. I started to be hopeful...

 And then my hope for the floors was smashed..

...Smashed into little tiny pieces... and that destroyed hope started to turn into worry when I got to this corner... From bottom to top, this flooring layer sandwich is mdf/ shingle layers/ 2 osb layers/ self leveler/ plywood/ glue down laminate... yay. When I was under the house this is the corner where I had to replace the rotted joists. I'm afraid I'll have to open the floor all the way and see what shape the 2nd story floor joists are in... 

Demo so far.. ("Closet Room")

Demo so far.. ("Master BR"). Surprisingly, the closet in this room was framed up correctly.. except that it was framed directly on top of some old shag and padding. 

Thats all for now. Stay tuned for more destruction and surprises when I tear into the old walls and rip up the floors!! 



  1. such motivation! I cant wait to see more!!! Its like waiting for the next episode of your favorite show to come on haha. You guys are doing such an awesome job. Cant wait to see the finished project one day.

  2. Hey Crash,
    Your search for that stash of cash has fell out of the walls to you in the form of two baseball cards? :-)

    Your progress is astounding!! Keep up the good work! Ur Old Pop says remember "No Pain No Gain"!