Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dungeon: Part III

New Years Day officially marked our one year anniversary of living in this house. In some ways, time has flown by, and in other ways... meaning when I think about how many things have broken and how many times I've been side tracked by old house issues.. time seems to be right on track. It has been a while since my last post, but things are progressing.. I swear it!! The good news is that I'm making a lot of head way on the foundations, the bad news is that this kind of work doesn't make for very eye catching photography... 

See.. I told you it is dull

Anyway, I've slowly been installing some permanent footing piers (not pictured..older photo) and I'm getting ready to replace a segmented run of old 6x6 beams with a nice and beefy 6x10, adequate for supporting a two story house. When I am finished with the installation of the beam and accompanying piers  half of the house will be leveled up and properly supported. I'm on track to completely replace all the "trees" under the house by the end of March, giving me a solid foundation on which to progress with the interior renovations!! A major master suite remodel is next on the list! Yay! 


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  1. Hey Sledge - You are doing a great job - "steady and slow that's the way we always go". This is a quote from one of your books I used to read to you when you were a little boy about three or four years old. It was pluto who said it because he was in a race with someother disney character. The motto to instill in little minds was just keep going and plugging away at it and you will finally get there!

    I wonder if you remember that book. I couldn't tell you how many times I read it to you over and over it was usually a before bedtime story.

    Anyway I went off reminescing there for a moment on that phrase but back to present - You don't know how proud you make me. You have taken on this enormous task and I believe you will see it through in record time!! Just keep on grounding and pounding!!!
    Love U

    Hey Axe - I am so proud of what you and Sledge have accomplished so far. Isn't it amazing what can be done when two people have the same goals in mind and really strive to meet them. You two are doing a great job. I love y'all!!!!!! Can't wait to see your ring!
    Love U

    Hey BuzzSaw - I am proud of you because you are a great dog who minds very well!! Luv U 2